Mill Town

The Bates Dance Festival has a history of commissioning memorable site-specific, multimedia dance works for intriguing natural and architectural environments. This past summer BDF presented Mill Town designed as a promenade for the audience in and around the Bates Mill Complex. Mill Town was directed and choreographed by the internationally renowned site artist, Stephan Koplowitz, and featured a live score by the acclaimed violinist, composer, and conductor, Todd Reynolds, one of the founding fathers of the hybrid-musician movement. Inspired by the geography, industry and culture of Lewiston-Auburn, Mill Town was an immersive performance experience that incorporated the talents of over 50 professional and local dancers, with an evocative series of scenic and media installations, video footage shot throughout the city, and artifacts from Museum L-A.

A documentary is now being created to preserve this project in a different form. Over 1.5 TB of footage was captured during the 6-week creation in the Mill.

Here are the highlights from the performances.